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Effet de la fertilisation minérale et des amendements organiques sur la culture du sorgho CE 180 33 en conditions de stress salin dans les périmètres aménagés de la vallée de Djifa, région de Fatick, Sénégal

Mémoire présenté et soutenu par Mbaikoubou MEKILA à l’UCAD, Département de Biologie Végétale, pour l’obtention du Master en Agroforesterie, Ecologie, Adaptation, le 23 juillet 2013.

This work carried out the effect of amendment and fertilizer on physiological traits and yield production of Sorghum variety CE 180 33 introduced in developed areas of the valley Djifa in Fatick. This valley is located in the land of Sadioga in rural community of Djilor Saloum. The sorghum variety CE 180-33 is grown in device corresponding to three randomized complete block 18 basic plots. These plots were fertilized with NPK 15 15 10 (E), biofertilizer (B), peanut hulls (C), manure (F), garbage (O). Each treatment was combined with an absolute control without amendment (T). The measures focused on physiological traits (TRE, SFS, TMS, chlorophyll, quantum yield, stomatal conductance) and yield production grain and residues for each treatment. Data were subjected to an analysis of variance (ANOVA) and if there is any significant difference, the mean comparison test of Fisher at a threshold of 5% is applied to identify or not. Amendments based fertilizer and biofertilizer improve over water status and promote storage of chlorophyll pigments of plants. Grain yields and crop residues were also significantly higher in plots amended with NPK and biofertilizer. Added to this is the most developed leaves giving them a content greater leaf dry matter. Simultaneous monitoring of changes in the salinity of various developed plots and functional traits in relation to the type of amendment over several seasons would make help to made recommendations for the type of amendment for this variety of Sorghum.

Keywords : Effects amendments, functional traits, Sorghum CE 180 33, fitted valley Djifa, Fatick, Senegal