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Articles scientifiques

EST-SSR development for Digitaria exilis and its relatives D. iburua and D. longiflora from transcriptome sequences

Abstract Digitaria exilis is an important indigenous cereal in West Africa. The first fonio reference transcriptome was released and became a key tool for developing new molecular markers (...)

Cross-species amplification of microsatellite loci developed for Digitaria exilis Stapf in related Digitaria species

ABSTRACT Objectives : Digitaria exilis Stapf (white fonio) is a staple crop in West Africa, mainly consumed during food shortage and highly associated to cultural events. The aim of this study (...)

Fonio (Digitaria exilis (Kippist) Stapf) : A Socially Embedded Cereal for Food and Nutrition Security in Senegal

Abstract Agricultural diversification with neglected and underutilized species is a viable way to sustainably increase the productivity of agrosystems. Understanding the social, cultural, and (...)

Transcriptome and metabolome analyses of two contrasting sesame genotypes reveal the crucial biological pathways involved in rapid adaptive response to salt stress

Abstract Background : Soil salinity is one of the major serious factors that affect agricultural productivity of almost all crops worldwide, including the important oilseed crop sesame. In (...)

The genetic basis of drought tolerance in the high oil crop Sesamum indicum

Abstract Unlike most of the important food crops, sesame can survive drought but severe and repeated drought episodes, especially occurring during the reproductive stage, significantly curtail (...)

Development of sorghum hybrids for stable yield and resistance to grain mold for the Center and South-East of Senegal

Abstract : Panicle mold infestation is reported to cause 30–100% yield loss in sorghum. Therefore, breeding for mold resistance becomes a necessity. Due to difficulties in predicting genotype (...)

Conditional optimization of a noisy function using a kriging meta model

Abstract The efficient global optimization method is popular for the global optimization of computer-intensive black-box functions. Extensions exist, either for the optimization of noisy (...)

Enhancing sesame production in West Africa’s Sahel : a comprehensive insight into the cultivation of this untapped crop in Senegal and Mali

Abstract Background West Africa’s Sahel is characterized by a dry and hot climate with limited rainfall that impairs the production of several crops. Sesame is a resilient crop that is well (...)

Comprehensive Screening of Some West and Central African Sesame Genotypes for Drought Resistance Probing by Agromorphological, Physiological, Biochemical and Seed Quality Traits

Abstract Sesame is an important crop in West and Central Africa playing a role of an alternative cash crop for smallholders. However, sesame productivity is highly impaired by drought. This (...)

Near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy reveals wide variation in major components of sesame seeds from Africa and Asia

Abstract Sesame is an important oilseed crop in Africa and Asia, owing to its high nutritional quality seed and market value. Variation in sesame seed components including oil, oleic acid, (...)