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Offers and Services

CERAAS is a national laboratory with a regional vocation. It is a base centre of CORAF and therefore represents a sub regional collaboration tool, intermediate between national institutions and (...)

intervention zone

CERAAS is located in Senegal, a country found in the Sahel zone. From its mandate, the preferential zones of intervention are the arid and semi-arid zones of West and Central Africa. However, (...)


The general objective is to propose plant material adapted to drought, analytical methods and decision-making tools for improving and/or stabilising agricultural production in arid and semi-arid (...)


West African countries are presently marked by profound and significant changes, which are having significant negative effects on agriculture. The population is doubling every 25 years and is (...)

Scientific and Technical Committee (STC)

The STC is an external body, which is consulted on matters relating to research and training programmes carried out by CERAAS. They: provide advice on programme contents and implementation (...)

Composition of the Management Committee (MC)

The MC is a body that is consulted for advice and recommendations on the administrative, financial and institutional operations of CERAAS. Composition of the MC: Director General of the (...)


It started with the decision taken by ISRA in 1982, to develop a new scientific approachto improve and stabilise groundnut production in the Central and Northern zones of Senegal, with its (...)